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CE/CON/T-B/Bldg. Work/2016/35

W/362/CON/T-B/Bldg. Work/2016/35 dt.


M/s. Tama & Taba Sera (JV)

At Byrnihat (Meghalaya) construction of staff quarter (T-II, III, IV), OH Tank, FOB, Approach Road, PF, Washable apron, Goods office & shed, P.way Godown, Commercial office & labour room and other ancillary works in connection with Tetelia-Byrnihat New line Railway Project (Two Packet System)


CE/CON/MLA/Qtr/DGU-HJI Doubling/2016/37

W/362/CON/MLA/Qtr/ DGU-HJI Doubling/ 2016/37


M/s. A.T. Trade Agency

Construction of foundation and sub structure over pile foundation for Tall Bridge no.167 (span 1x28.50m + 6x78.80 steel girder) at Ch: 44996.65 and bridge no:169 (5x30.5 composite girder) at Ch:45552.49m including all other ancillary works and protection works in between stations Bhairabi and Sairang in connection with the construction of new BG Railway line from Bhairabi to Sairang (Mizoram)


CE/CON/J - I/Parallel T-12/2016/11

W/362/CON/J - I/Parallel T-12/2016/11



Construction of parallel safety tunnel of T-12 at Km 105/650 to Km 115/176 in between Tupul – Imphal in connection with construction of New Railway Line Project Jiribum– Imphal of N. F. Railway.


CE/Con/DMV - KOHIMA/ DDC- Instrumentation/ 2016/01

W/362/Con/DMV - KOHIMA/ DDC- Instrumentation/ 2016


Bearer Infra Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Detailed design and construction supervision including instrumentation of single line BG tunnels (3nos Approximate length 3960m) including cut and cover between proposed stations Sukhovi and Molvom in connection with construction of new line between DMV and Kohima.



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