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 Contract Details

Tender No

CE/CON/Bogibeel/Road Surface/2015/27

Tender Opening Date


Description of Item / Work

Providing and construction of road surface connecting NH-52B from railway chainage 20.300 up to 22.508 (South Viaduct approach slab), providing Road signage over South Viaduct and road over Bogibeel Rail cum Road Bridge, erecting crash barriers from chainage 20.30 to 22.508, over up stream dyke from ch.1500 to BCL and between ch.21.00 to 23.2 (Br.43 to A1 of Bogibeel Bridge)

Contract No.

W/362/CON/Bogibeel/Road Surface/2015/27

Contract Date


Contractor's Name

M/s Purbanchal Suppliers & Contractors

Scheduled Completion Date


Contract Description