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 Contract Details

Tender No

CE/CON B-S MB 12, 15, 19 And 20 2016 01

Tender Opening Date


Description of Item / Work

Construction of foundation and sub-structure on pile foundation for major bridges no 12 at ch. 1941.00m; bridge no 15 at ch. 4080.00m, bridge no 19 at ch. 6300.00m and bridge no 20 at ch. 7043.00m, protection works and other ancillary works in between stations Bhairabi and Hartoki in connection with construction of new BG line from Bhairabi to Sairang (Mizoram) N. F. Railway.

Contract No.

W/362/CON/ B S MB 12 15 19 And 20 2016 01

Contract Date


Contractor's Name

Nayak Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Scheduled Completion Date


Contract Description