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 Contract Details

Tender No

CE/CON/GUZ - NCB/Track Work/2016/35

Tender Opening Date


Description of Item / Work

Linking of new BG auxiliary track and TRR by 10/20 rail panel, linking of P-Xings, SEJs, L-Xings etc. on PSC sleepers including insertion of pre-assembled turn-out, carriage of sleepers and rails, spreading of ballast etc. and other ancillary works as per requirement in between stations Gumanihat - Gokshadanga - Sajerpar (excluding) including GUZ and GDX station yard from Km / TP -96/0 to KM/ TP- 110/0 in connection with patch doubling of GUZ - NCB section of N. F. Railway.

Contract No.

W/362/CON/GUZ - NCB/Track Work/2016/35

Contract Date


Contractor's Name

M/s Ashok kumar Mandhyani

Scheduled Completion Date


Contract Description