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 Contract Details

Tender No

CE/CON/ B-S/ ROB - RUB/ 2016/ 06

Tender Opening Date


Description of Item / Work

Construction of 4 nos of ROB for bridges 187 (Ch. 47482.378m), 190 (Ch. 47960.00m), 197 (Ch. 49036.121m) & 195-A (Ch. 48602.000m) and 1 RUB for bridge no 144 (Ch. 37898.004m) along-with pucca approach road and other ancillary works in between station Bairabi and Sairang in connection with construction of New BG line from Bairabi to Sairang.

Contract No.

W/362/CON/ B-S/ ROB - RUB/ 2016/ 06

Contract Date


Contractor's Name

Durga Krishna Stores Pvt. Ltd.

Scheduled Completion Date


Contract Description